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ArchBlocks Architectural Titleblocks in Modelspace
SKU: AB0035

ArchBlocks Architectural Titleblocks in Modelspace

Modelspace CAD Title Blocks

This set of AutoCAD title blocks is exactly the same as the Paperspace titleblocks product, only these titleblocks are in one .DWG file and are drawn in Modelspace. That way you can open the Titleblocks.dwg drawing and select the titleblock size you want to use, and then delete the rest. Another option is that you open the Titleblocks.dwg drawing and copy paste the size titleblock you want to use into your existing production drawing.

AutoCAD TIP: Use these Titleblocks to create your own project startup file, also called a "Drawing Template" file in AutoCAD. These template files have a file extension of (.dwt). This will save you a great amount of time in setting up your template file because you will have the border and titleblock already drawn for you. Many of the architectural background settings are also already done for you. Basically, it helps you get started FASTER! Now you're talking!

Included in this set of AutoCAD architectural titleblocks are the following sheet sizes:

  • A-size 8.5x11 Landscape
  • A-Size 8.5x11 Portrait
  • B-Size 11x17
  • C-Size 18x24
  • D-size 24x36
  • E-size 30x42


For a preview of this set of titleblocks click on the Full Preview button below;

CAD Titleblocks in Modelspace Preview

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