Happy Holidays from ArchBlocks.com

December 10th, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from ArchBlocks.com!

November 22nd, 2018

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

ArchBlocks.com is filled with gratitude for being able to serve our customers through out this year.

This was our 11th year providing CAD resources to all types of design disciples.










Enjoy the day with good rest, family, and food.

Good luck on all your projects!


How To Choose a CAD Workstation on a Budget

July 9th, 2018

Check out this great white paper from the editors at Cadalyst.

Get the advice you need for your hardware while keeping costs low.

You’re not looking to splurge on all the bells and whistles; you just need a reliable and affordable workstation that will get the job done. But what type of configuration will meet your needs? And which components and capabilities are must-haves? The sample configurations and expert advice in this guide will help you decide.

Download this white paper today!

Discounts for Cadalyst readers are available.

From the Editors of Cadalyst

Regards, Kevin

ArchBlocks Products and AutoCAD Compatibility

June 27th, 2018

I get questions every once in a while asking if the ArchBlocks.com products are compatible with certain versions of AutoCAD. All of the ArchBlocks.com products are saved back to the AutoCAD 2000 version, so they will work in all versions of AutoCAD back to AutoCAD 2000. This includes all the CAD blocks, fonts, hatch patterns, and title blocks.

If you have a very old version of AutoCAD, like AutoCAD R14, send me a note and I can send you the products for any older version.

Please feel free to send me any questions you might have.

Good Luck on all your projects!


ArchBlocks.com Headquarters

June 18th, 2018

This is a picture of my ArchBlocks.com office. I have been a woodworker most of my life and I just completed a new desktop for my computer station.
It made from rough cut walnut scraps that I have accumulated over the past few years.

Happy Father’s Day!

June 17th, 2018

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there!

Enjoy your day!


Cadalyst White Paper on Mobile Workstations

May 5th, 2018

Now available for download from Cadalyst.com is a guide to mobile workstations for design professionals.

Just click on the link below to download the white paper.

Cadalyst Mobile Workstations




AUGIWorld May 2018 Issue is Available Now

May 3rd, 2018

How to implement new Autodesk releases is one of the main articles in the new AUGIWorld May 2018 issue.

Download it now:

AUGIWorld May 2018 Issue


Good luck on all your projects!



Technology is Liberating the Role of the Designer

May 3rd, 2018

Designers are finding more time to be creative as computers are doing all the repetitive work for them.

Check out this great article in the newsletter Redshift from Autodesk:

Autodesk newsletter Redshift Article



AutoCAD 2018 100+ Hatch Patterns Installation Instructions

January 22nd, 2018

How to Install the 100+ Hatch Patterns in AutoCAD 2018

Installing the 100+ Hatch Patterns product in AutoCAD has never been easier!

The hatch patterns and the previews integrate seamlessly into AutoCAD’s pop down Hatch menu. Below is a screen shot of the AutoCAD 2018 Hatch command pop down menu previewing the 100+ hatch pattern called Versailles:

Inserting the 100+ hatch patterns into your AutoCAD drawing is very easy. All you do is enter the Hatch command, select a pattern from the drop down menu, then pick an internal point (boundary area) that you want to place the pattern, then hit the enter key and you’re done!


Below is the Versailles hatch pattern placed in a master bath floor plan:

Please click on the link below to see the hatch pattern installation detailed instructions:


If you have any questions, Please send Kevin an email by clicking on the Contact link below:

Email Kevin with a question.