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New for 2019! AutoCAD electrical symbols library for commercial design projects.

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The website was created because there needed to be higher quality block libraries available to architectural, interior, and landscape designers.The first library that I created was a furniture library, and now the website offers over 65 different AutoCAD products.

The website grew and I wanted to offer more than just AutoCAD block symbols, and one of the first products I added were the 100+ Hatch Patterns developed by Watson Kilbourne of CompugraphX. This AutoCAD hatch library has over 350 hatch patterns, and Watson was very gracious to create a few custom architectural hatch patterns that are only available on the website. In the spring of 2018, Watson decided to retire from running CompugraphX and inquired if I would be interested in purchasing the software licensing rights. In late spring I finalized the purchase of the 100+ Hatch Patterns licensing rights. This was a major investment for ArchBlocks, Inc. I am are very excited to have exclusive selling rights to this great set of AutoCAD hatch patterns.

With my background in AutoCAD training and technical support, I also wanted to add free AutoCAD tutorials to the website as a bonus resource for my customers. In growing the website you will now find AutoCAD title blocks in Modelspace and Paperspace, architectural true type fonts.

Be sure to check out our new AutoCAD blocks library for commercial electrical CAD projects. There are 155 new electrical CAD symbols including power, fire alarms, lighting, outlets, switches, service equipment, raceways, circuitry, telephone communication data, and abbreviations. This library is a great start to setting up your CAD symbols legend and abbreviations page. Don't draw these AutoCAD blocks from scratch, that is a massive waste of time!

I want to thank the many wonderful customers that have supported this website in the last 11 years, and I am looking forward to adding new products and resources in the future

So, I give a very heartfelt "Thank you!" to all my customers.

Good luck on all your projects!

              Kevin McWhirter

Kevin McWhirter
President, ArchBlocks, Inc.

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We are dedicated to being the best CAD resource for architectural, interior designers, landscape designers and student designers. provides an updated set of Architectural CAD Symbols for professional and student CAD designers. This is an extensive library of AutoCAD blocks that can be used to speed up your design process and make your AutoCAD drawings look more professional. We're not offering libraries for several different disciplines...we're only interested in the area of architectural design, and our libraries of Architectural Symbols is where our focus will remain. We are dedicated to being the best CAD designer's resource anywhere for architectural, interior design, and landscape design professionals! Be sure to check out our discounted ArchBlocks Students CAD Pack symbols library.

Welcome to the, a one-stop-shop for all your CAD design and architectural AutoCAD blocks needs. This website was developed by ArchBlocks, Inc to offer real-world designers access to the best resources for CAD blocks, CAD hatch patterns, CAD E-books, Architectural fonts, Starter AutoCAD Title Blocks, AutoCAD video tutorials, and AutoCAD tutorials.


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