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AutoCAD Men in Elevation View

This is a very diverse set of AutoCAD symbols of men in elevation view. There are several styles of AutoCAD drawings of men that you can quickly place in your project elevation CAD drawings. All these blocks can be easily edited using AutoCAD's EXPLODE command. Each block was created on Layer "0" (zero) so that when you insert them onto any layer in your drawing they will change to the color and linetype of that layer.

Below are images showing the complete set of CAD symbols in this CAD library.

Men CAD Symbols Elevation View 01

AutoCAD drawings of men standing, walking, and leaning against walls.

AutoCAD Blocks Men Elevation View

CAD drawings of men in outline style.

CAD Drawings Men Elevation View

AutoCAD blocks of men sitting in chairs.

AutoCAD Men Symbols Blocks

Many different styles of men drawings are shown below.

AutoCAD Blocks People Men

Men in elevation view shown sitting and leaning against walls.

CAD Symbols People Men Elevation

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