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AutoCAD Metric Titleblocks in Paperspace

AutoCAD Metric Titleblocks in Paperspace Preview Page

Here's how it works. The Metric CAD Titleblocks come in one AutoCAD .DWG file. There are 6 Paperspace Layouts with a metric pre-drawn border and titleblock in each layout.  The screen capture below shows the ArchBlocks Metric Titleblocks Paperspace.dwg file open and the first Layout, A4 is current. As you can see highlighted in yellow, there are 6 Paperspace Layouts available that include the metric drafting sheet sizes A4, A3, A2, A1, B1, and A0.

AutoCAD Paperspace Layouts-01


Below you will see a preview of the CAD metric title block sizes that are available.

The titleblocks come in the following sheet sizes for Paperspace;


CAD Metric Titleblocks Paperspace-01

Metric CAD Titleblocks Paperspace-02

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