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AutoCAD People Symbols in Plan View

This is a great set of people CAD blocks in plan view (looking overhead down at your drawing) to add to your interior, or exterior AutoCAD project drawings. Being able to place people in an area will really help in seeing how people will work and flow in a space design.

AutoCAD people blocks shown sitting at computers, on the phone, working at a desk or counter, and a waiter serving customers.

AutoCAD Drawings People Plan View

AutoCAD drawings of people sitting. Add these to any furniture, or benches, or landscapes.

CAD Blocks People Plan View 01

CAD blocks of people walking, interacting with each other, and shaking hands.

All in plan view.

CAD Symbols People Plan View

Various CAD people standing and sitting. These are designed to be added right to the edge of a desk or counter top.

AutoCAD People Blocks Plan View

I like to show detailed previews of the CAD symbols so you know exactly what you are getting!

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