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Architects Fonts Six Pack
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Architects Fonts Six Pack

Architects Fonts Pack

This beautiful set of six architectural style fonts is your best value. Architects have always felt that CAD software took away the artistic feel to their drawings, in other words, CAD made they're drawings lose that "hand drawn artistic look". This architectural font pack is the first step to customizing your CAD drawings, and architectural graphic designs, so they can have that "hand drawn" feel to them.
In AutoCAD, make sure you create a specific Text Style using one of these fonts and use it your Dim Styles to create that "hand drawn lettering" for your dimensions too!

Best Value! Available to download NOW!

This Architectural Font Pack includes all six true type fonts listed below:

      MrHand Font 

  • MrHand font: It's a carefully delineated chisel point, hand lettering at it's finest. Named after that illustrious teacher, from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

       HeavyHand Font

  • HeavyHand font: from the same vein as MrHand, but with a little more pressure and a softer pencil. A BIG favorite for titles on working drawings.

       Glasgow Font 

  • Glasgow font: Inspired by the hand lettering of Master Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow will get your motor running. It's the most sought after font to use for titles, and a big hit with graphic designers.

        Scribble Font 

  • Scribble font: Loose quick lettering for rough drawings. This unique font looks great on plotted drawings!

       Sketcher Font 

  •  Sketcher font: Hand lettering with flair and style. It's very similar to another font, "Papyrus" by LetraSet, but without all the rough edges and large file size.

       Stamped Font

  •  Stamped font: Not really hand lettered, but hand stamped. Looks great at large point sizes.


~  Font installation instructions are included in the download. ~

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