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AutoCAD Electric Cars Trucks Symbols
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AutoCAD Electric Cars Trucks Symbols

New for 2020 is offering an Electric Cars and Trucks AutoCAD Symbols library. This library of AutoCAD blocks includes car and truck CAD symbols for Tesla, Ford, and the Rivian RT1 truck, and we will be adding more symbols soon. The symbols for each vehicle include plan views, side views, front and rear view, and some 3/4 views. These CAD symbols are drawn to their real world size so they can be inserted into any AutoCAD drawing no matter what scale you plan to plot at.

These CAD blocks are totally customizable, so editing any changes that you may want is easy. This library of electric car and truck AutoCAD symbols are all created on layer "0" so they will change color to the current layer that they are inserted on.

These symbols are saved back to AutoCAD 2010 file format to be compatible with older versions of AutoCAD. They are also compatible with other CAD software packages that can open .DWG AutoCAD format files. If you have an older version of AutoCAD, send me a note and I can save these AutoCAD drawings back to an older version.

These CAD symbols are not drawn to great detail because they are designed to be used in 1/4"=1'-0" and 1/8"=1'-0" CAD drawings, so they will printed at a pretty small size on the sheets. Symbols that have a great amount of detail at these scales will have the detail all bleed into solid lines so the symbols will not look good printed if there's too much detail. So the goal was to create the symbols so they would be a good representation of the cars and trucks on a printed sheet.

All these AutoCAD symbols are original and created exclusively by the design staff.

For a full preview of all the electric car and truck AutoCAD symbols offered in this CAD block library click on the preview button below;

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