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AutoCAD Terms and Commands

Listed below is a basic list of AutoCAD terms and commands. If you're new to AutoCAD, this will give you a very overview of definitions.

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Arc Draws an arc of any size


Area Calculates the area of a polygon, pline, circle, or defined points along a boundary


Array Copies selected objects in a circular, or rectangular pattern


Autodesk Software company that manufactures and sells AutoCAD


Bhatch Fills a defined boundary with a hatch pattern


Blipmode Turns blip markers on and off


Block Makes a single unit object from selected individual objects


Block Definition All the individual objects that make up a named block


Block Reference An image of a block definition that is inserted into a drawing


Bmake Uses a dialog box to define a block


Boundary Creates a polyline of a closed area


CAD Computer Aided Design


Chamfer Creates a chamfered corner at the intersection of two selected lines


Circle Draws a circle of any size


Copy Makes one or more copies of selected objects


Copyclip Copies selected objects to the Windows clipboard


“DD” The DD before a command stand for “Dynamic Dialog” box


Ddatte Edits attributes via a dialog box


Ddedit (Edit) Edit text and attributes via a dialog box


Ddgrips (Grips) Allows you to enable grips and edit properties of objects


Ddim (Dim) Dialog that controls dimension settings


Ddinsert  (Insert) Places blocks in the drawing via a dialog box


Ddunits (Units)  Sets the drawing units for measurement


Dimstyle  Creates named dimension styles to control the settings and looks of dimensions


Dist Determines the distance and angle between two points


Divide  Places markers along selected objects dividing them into equal parts


Dtext Enters single line text


Erase Deletes objects from the drawing


Explode Changes a block or a polyline back to individual objects


Extend Extends a line or arc to meet another object


Fillet Constructs an arc between to lines


Grid Displays a grid of dots that can be used to snap to and design with


Id Displays the coordinates of a point selected on the drawing


Isoplane Changes the direction of the isometric crosshairs, Left, Top, Right


Layer Creates drawing layers for colors and linetypes


Lengthen Lengthens or shortens an object


Limits Defines the lower left corner and the upper right corner of a drawing area


Line Draws straight lines of any length


Linetype Defines, loads, and sets the linetype


List Provides database information of selected objects


Ltscale Linetype Scale, controls linetype sizes within a drawing


Mirror Creates a symmetrical reflected object from the original selected objects


Move Moves selected objects to another location in the drawing


Mtext Creates paragraph text


Mview  Creates paperspace viewports


Offset  Creates parallel copies of lines, arcs, and circles


Oops  Recalls the last set of objects that were erased


Open Opens an existing drawing


Ortho  Restricts the cursor to horizontal, or vertical use


Osnap Allows for selection of precise points on selected objects


‘Pan Moves the display window


Pedit Permits editing of 2D polylines


Pline Draws 2D polylines


Polygon Creates regular polygons with a specified number of sides (3 to 1024)


Preferences Customizes the AutoCAD settings


Purge Removes unused items from a drawing


Qsave Saves the drawing without requesting the file name


Recover Attempts to recover damaged, or corrupted drawings


Rectang Draws a rectangular polyline


Redo Reverses the previous command if it was an undo


Redraw Refreshes the screen pixels in the drawing window


Regen Regenerates the current viewport


Redo Reverses the previous undo command


Rotate Rotates selected objects to angle specified


Save Saves the current drawing to hard drive


Saveas Allows you to save the current drawing under a new name


Scale Changes the size of objects to the selected scale factor


Scale Factor The scaling up or down of an AutoCAD drawing to fit a certain size paper when plotted


Snap Allows you to snap to precise points along a grid


Spell Checks the spelling in a drawing


Style Names and formats text for font, size, obliquing, etc


Toolbar Customizes, hides and displays toolbars


Transparent Allows display and settings commands to be executed without canceling the current command. If a command is preceded by an apostrophe ( ‘ ) the command will done transparently


Trim Deletes portions of selected objects that cross a selected cutting edge


U Reverses the effect of the previous command


Undo Same as the U command but with more options


UCS Defines or modifies the current User Coordinate System


Ucsicon Controls the visibility and placement of the ucsicon


Wblock Creates a separate new drawing from selected blocks or objects


Windows Temporary memory where objects can Clipboard be copied to, so they may pasted into another file (copying from one file to another)


Xref External Reference, allows you to work with other AutoCAD drawings without adding them permanently to your current drawing


‘Zoom Enlarges or reduces the display area of a drawing