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Tailoring AutoLISP - DCL - Diesel

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Tailoring AutoLISP - DCL - Diesel

Tailoring AutoLISP-DCL-Diesel

 by Ralph Grabowski

Tailoring AutoLISP-DCL-Diesel is a the companion ebook to the Tailoring AutoCAD series. It's for all users of AutoCAD, from Release 13 through to 2008, who want to learn about AutoLISP, DCL, Diesel, and scripts. 

The 180-page e-book is shows you how to use these AutoCAD programming features:

  • Introduction to the AutoLISP programming language.
  • Intensive step-by-step tutorials on writing useful code with LISP.
  • Concise AutoLISP reference (new in the second edition).
  • Thorough explanation of DCL (dialog control language).
  • Exhaustive reference of DCL tiles and attributes -- more accurate than Autodesk's own documentation.
  • Reference of dialog-related AutoLISP functions.
  • Understanding Diesel.
  • Using Diesel in menu and toolbar macros, and with AutoLISP.
  • Tutorial on writing and running scripts (new in the second edition).

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Price: $27.00