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Using Metric Units with Block Libraries is very EASY!

All the block libraries were created using "inches" as the standard measurement for 1 unit in AutoCAD. Which means that 1 unit in a block is equal to 1 inch in the drawing. In the past, that meant that if you were working in metric units and using these kind of blocks you had to scale the blocks by 25.4 each time you inserted them, not any more!

It's very easy to insert all block libraries in metric units!

Since AutoCAD 2002 there is a specfic section in the Drawing Units dialog box that let's you automatically set scale factors for your block insertions. So if you work in your AutoCAD drawings in millimeter units, you set the "Insertion Scale" setting to "Millimeters" and all the blocks will automatically scale up by 25.4 and insert at the correct size for your AutoCAD metric drawing projects. 

Below is the Drawing Units Dialog Box for AutoCAD 2011:

AutoCAD 2011 Drawing units


Below is an example of the automatic scaling that results from setting your Insertion scale to "Millimeters":

Using Metric Units - Scaling Results


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