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Architectural Fonts

One of the first steps in getting your CAD drawings to have more of a “hand drawn” feel is to use architectural style fonts that have that hand drawn look. has added a new product to help you get more of that architectural feel to your CAD drawings. Architects Fonts is a set of six beautiful architectural hand lettered style truetype fonts that you can purchase individually, or as a combined set.

Check out the previews of  3 of the lettering styles below;

CAD architects fonts. MrHand Font ~ great for notes.
MrHand Font ~ great for notes!
CAD architects fonts. HeavyHand ~ great for titles!
HeavyHand ~ Great for titles!
CAD architects fonts. Glasgow Font ~ great old style lettering
Glasgow Font ~ Old Style lettering.

To see the other truetype fonts that are available on the website,

Click Here: Architects Fonts

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