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Here is a great one page free AutoCAD tutorial on how to use AutoCAD’s Paperspace feature.

Just follow the link below to the tutorial section in the website.

Click on the link below;

How to use AutoCAD’s Paperspace

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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New AutoCAD Exercise Workbooks.

Click on the link below;

The CAD People Blocks – Hand Sketched symbols library has been updated with many new CAD people symbols added. There are now 85 AutoCAD blocks of hand sketched people in elevation view available.

Check the product page and the full preview page by clicking on the link below;

Cad People Blocks – Hand Sketched Style

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Be sure to check out the November Newsletter.

Click on the link below;

AutoCAD Exchange Newsletter – November 2011

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Here is a great video from Autodesk Exchange showing the new features of AutoCAD 2012;

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This is a guest post by CAD Consultant Brian M. Curran @

So the economy has pulled back, you’re a Drafter, and you’re looking for part-time or full-time income. The thought of doing freelance work has crossed your mind, but you’re not sure where you would start. Well, I can provide some tips on how to get started with CAD freelance work, based on my personal experience of doing just that.

First you’d need to identify the types of drawings that local or national businesses have a need for. I’d focus on your local market first, because I believe most businesses that hire freelancers, hire local ones. I wouldn’t rule out long distance relationships though, because much if not all of your work could probably be done through email and web conferencing. And during this discovery process, you should also make a list of companies that potentially have a need for such drawings. These two things go hand-in-hand, and you can’t have one without the other.

Once you have identified the types of drawings you’d like to offer services for, then you’d need to assemble a portfolio of those types of drawings, if you don’t have one already. It’s not likely that someone would send work your way, without you first providing them with samples.

Next you’d have to make sure your resume was in order. Along with this, would be your references. A good reference could set you above your competition. – Yes, there’s going to be competition. There’s always competition!

Now that you have identified a need, have identified companies that potentially have that need, can prove your competency via your portfolio, resume and references; you’d need to get in touch with the decision makers who can give you work. Do a little web research on your list of companies, and try to identify who the decision makers are.

If you could identify the decision makers, or at least the next best person, get ready to call them. Before calling, do some reading on cold-calling, and then make your calls. A simple phone call could be the start of a wonderful business relationship!

Thanks for the article Brian!

You can contact Brian at his website address listed above.

Derek Sivers at TED: How to start a Movement.

Derek Sivers at TED

This is funny and worth watching… Enjoy!


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Free AutoCAD and Autodesk software downloads for students at Autodesk Education Community. 25 products available with a new extended 3 year license.

This is a great way to get started using AutoCAD!

Autodesk University 2010 is coming sooner than you think. Registration is open and you can sign up now. Selecting classes is easy and there are plenty to choose from.

 Click on the link below to see the article;

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